Chalet Waldwinkl is a place of refuge. A place away from stress, pressure and the noise of the streets. A place for family, friends, adventure and relaxation.

Surrounded by woods and meadows, the Chalet Waldwinkl offers one of the rare remote places that make noises of the city fade away and allow you to breathe deeply.

Apart from the pure mountain air, the Chalet Waldwinkl has the luxury of its own spring, which delivers the fresh water directly from the mountain!

Both in summer and in winter, the chalet offers the perfect location for those who love to cuddle up to the fire with their loved ones in heavy snowfall, to celebrate in seclusion, or to count the stars in the deepest darkness.

Children from 0-99 can explore nature as they wish and gather happy memories. Whether you are marshmallow-grilling on the self-ignited campfire, snowball fighting in the deep snow or romping on the forest playground – which lies almost directly underneath the chalet – there are no limits!

Therefore, Chalet Waldwinkl is the perfect place for those who want to quench their wanderlust in nature, forget their everyday stress and spend undisturbed time with the people who are most important!

We are looking forward to seeing you!